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LucasArts Cancelled Work on a Darth Maul Game
GamingApr 13 @ 1:55 pmDave Roberts1 Comments

I fear that LucasArts cancelled a Darth Maul origin game. I'm Angry that LucasArts cancelled a Darth Maul origin game. I hate that LucasArts cancelled a Darth Maul origin game!

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Persona 3 Movie Heading to a Store Near You
Film, Gaming, AnimeApr 10 @ 1:15 pmDave Roberts0 Comments

There was some good news this week at Kawaii-Kon (yes, that's a real event in Japan) for fans of the Persona JRPG series, as Aniplex announced that Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth will be available to purchase in over 50 countries, including the U.S. from May 20th.

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Wreck-It Ralph Sequel on the Way?
Film, GamingApr 10 @ 12:33 pmDave Roberts0 Comments

Collider are reporting that a Wreck-It Ralph sequel may be on the way, according to an interview with the original film's composer, Henry Jackman (No relation)

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Luftrausers Accused of "Casting Players as Nazi Pilots"
GamingApr 9 @ 2:28 pmDave Roberts0 Comments

Luftrausers is a fun little dogfighting game from Dutch developers Vlambeer, it's a game that places you at the controls of a war plane in an alternate reality some 10-15 years after the end of the second World War.

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Top 5 Madonna Music Videos
Music, The Top 5Apr 4 @ 4:17 pmFelipe Diaz-Vera0 Comments

The art of the music video. From the dawn of MTV to sharing the latest from your favorite artists on Youtube or Vevo, music videos are short form ways for a musical artist, band, or video director to express themselves. Sometimes they are simple performance videos giving you the raw picture of the music. At other times they are long extravagant stories or experimental thought pieces and everything in between. And while we may be far away from the iconic imagery of Sinead O'Connor shedding a tear, Slash playing his guitar in front of a church in the desert, or even Jamiroquai sliding across the floor, music video imagery is still important to this day. From Kendrick Lamar falling in a red suit in slow motion to Miley Cyrus riding a Wrecking Ball with nothing at all (you don't need a link for this one), and everything Lady Gaga did in the meantime, music videos imagery is still important to this day.

So every Friday in the month or April, I will be looking at important figures in music videos and what makes good ones. And we kick things off the most well known woman of pop music who has a long career of videos to choose from. The one and only Madonna. From the beautifully stylistic "Vogue" to the trippy and wonderful "Bedtime Story", Madonna's video library is full of amazing pieces of work to choose from.

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Review: Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
GamingMar 15 @ 2:16 pmDave Roberts0 Comments

Games backlogs are terrible, horrid things. They stare at you from whichever corner you may have decided to stow them away in, daring you to open a new case and experience a completely original story. Often times you'll get around to playing through most of the games in your backlog, but many is the time that I’ve had to ignore some great games in order to complete the title I’m currently elbow deep in.

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The Week in Wrestling News - Mar 15th, 2014
WrestlingMar 15 @ 9:05 amBarry Murphy1 Comments

Wrestlemania takes shape, TNA Lockdown happens, and Talking Dead gets the pro wrestling scoop of the decade.

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Recommended Viewing: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
AnimeMar 11 @ 1:22 pmDave Roberts0 Comments

It's three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing Tsunami that claimed almost 16,000 lives and left around 330,000 people across 20 prefectures homeless, and yet the indomitable spirit of the people of Japan continues to amaze.


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Top 5 Worst & Best Rihanna Songs
Music, Personal Rants, The Top 5Mar 6 @ 11:45 pmFelipe Diaz-Vera1 Comments

Rihanna boggles me sometimes. I have a love hate relationship with the highly successful pop singer. There are times where I find a song she does as simply stunning and others where I find her the most annoying thing on the radio. And it is because unlike the likes of Gaga, Beyonce, or even Ke$ha, Rihanna is a chameleon of music. Her range, style, and attitude is good for whatever motif, genre, or role you want her for. Hence why she has so many featuring credits on songs.

So I decided to give my top 5 worst and best Rihanna songs. This list is strictly Rihanna as the main artist, so none of her featuring credits will be included.

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Top 50 Albums of 2013
MusicMar 6 @ 7:02 pmFelipe Diaz-Vera8 Comments

Better late than never, even if very late. So here are my top 50 albums of the year. These are LPs, so no EPs. Also no re-recordings, re-masters, or live albums. Let us not waste any time!

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