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Anime Round Table and Review
Fan Off's original in depth discussion of anime as voted on by the listeners in our forums, hosted by Kero, Grave, and Jaxson Jaguar.

Green Legend Ran
September 29, 2008

The world is a desert and an evil cult controls whats left of the water.

Episode 98

Cowboy Bebop
September 22, 2008

Does Cowboy Bebop live up to all the hype? Listen to find out.

Episode 97

Birdy The Mighty
September 15, 2008

This week we suffer from an illness shortened panel as we cover this odd little gender bender.

Episode 96

Shinigamis Ballad
September 8, 2008

We talk about the cutest death god ever and... paint?

Episode 95

Mystery Show
September 1, 2008

Join us for a show with no topic and get a better understanding of who we are.

Episode 94

Nanaka 6/17
August 25, 2008

Multiple personality disorder made nostalgic. Come on, we all remember what it's like to be six years old.

Episode 93

August 18, 2008

Oh why.... Why is this part of my collection...

Episode 92

Last Exile
August 11, 2008

There is just so much to talk about with this wonderful show that we have to force ourselves to call it a night. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Episode 91

Blue Gender
August 4, 2008

Giant bugs and robots... and a rambling British man..... I'm confused...

Episode 90

July 28, 2008

This week we cover the longest Doublemint gum ad ever.

Episode 89

July 21, 2008

Murphy's laws are in full effect as we "hammer" our way through this weeks show... yes, I know it was a bad joke...

Episode 88

Iriya no Sora - UFO no Natsu
July 14, 2008

This week the panel splits between "we liked it" and "meh" Listen to find out who has which opinion.

Episode 87

Bokura Ga Ita
July 6, 2008

A complex love story that should tug at everyones hearts. But thank the gods it's over.....

Episode 86

Spirited Away
June 30, 2008

Lucid takes his chance to finally rail against the Disney machine and then talk about the anime.

Episode 85

Someday's Dreamers
June 23, 2008

A wonderfully sweet change to the magical girl show that kept us entranced until the very end.

Episode 84

Armitage The 3rd
June 16, 2008

Sometimes a show runs smooth, and other times it runs like Amtrak....

Episode 83

Battle Angel
June 9, 2008

This week we talk about weather, Deep fried cheesecake, and..... oh ya anime

Episode 82

Ray The Animation
June 2, 2008

On top of our usual anime discussions we also ponder how to corrupt the youth of the world. Join us....hehehe

Episode 81

Full Metal Panic
May 27, 2008

This week we compare incidences of death between this series and the "red shirts"

Episode 80

Millennium Actress
May 19, 2008

A short episode about a wonderful movie. What more can we say?

Episode 79

Princess Mononoke
May 12, 2008

With Lucid out of town Zahooee takes temporary control as we cover this highly acclaimed film.

Episode 78

Kokoro Library
April 28, 2008

Moe Librarians in a slice of life series? Well most of the panel liked it. So hear Lucid try to defend himself against the love and cuteness.

Episode 77

He is my Master
April 21, 2008

Well, was it as bad as we feared? Yes, oh dear God yes it was!

Episode 76

Slayers The Motion Picture
April 14, 2008

Can we possibly have more to say about Slayers even after 3 other weeks of covering it. Find out!

Episode 75

Angelic Layer
April 7, 2008

12 year old fighting game phenomenon reunites with her estranged mother in this heartwarming, if unbelievable, story.

Episode 74

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