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Generation Animation
Sundays at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST

Generation Animation is your in-depth look at all things animated. Cartoons, anime, CG, shorts, you name it! If it's animated, Generation Animation will break it down with expert discussion and amusing banter.
Episode 225: Beavis & Butt-Head Do America
Come with me, Lesbian Seagull

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Recent Episodes

Episode 224: Mission Hill
February 12, 2017

Best single season of animated TV? Zach Heltzel certainly thinks so.

Episode 223: Nick's Doug vs Disney's Doug
February 5, 2017

A Doug's purpose. With special guests!

Episode 222: My Life as a Teenage Robot
January 29, 2017

Rob Renzetti rules. Nickelodeon sucks. Matthew McConaughey.

Episode 221: Saint Seiya - Knights of the Zodiac
January 22, 2017

Fabulous 1980s anime and all its splendor.

Episode 220: Pooh's Grand Adventure
January 15, 2017

Forever is a very long time, Pooh.

Episode 219: Moana
January 8, 2017

Did we really need the chicken?

Episode 218: Zatch Bell!
January 1, 2017

Felipe really wanted to like this show. Like, REALLY wanted to like it. But...

Episode 217: X-Men (2011 Anime)
December 25, 2016

We revisit Marvel anime and talk about comic lore we probably know nothing about.

Episode 216: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
December 18, 2016

Everyone hates Bloo and Tyler shocks the world.

Episode 215: Tiger & Bunny
December 11, 2016

Sponsored Superheroes!

Episode 214: Baccano!
December 4, 2016


Episode 213: Doctor Strange (2007)
November 28, 2016

Get ready for ALL the Benedict Cumberbatch jokes.

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