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Hideous Energy
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Hideous Energy is a place where thoughts and words can't be stopped. David Hopkins and Austin Wilson love comics, and can never stop reading them, or talking about them. Listen to their opinions, some based on facts and others that are wild lies. They reanimated monsters. All for comics.
#231 - Paging Dr. Feelings
How does this make you feel?

The Hosts
David Hopkins
David Hopkins once went a day without eating to afford the newest issue of The Umbrella Academy.
Austin Wilson
Austin Wilson loves comics and always will.

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There's a semen metaphor in here somewhere...

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Audible Jan.

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Everyone, meet Carl.

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The twist is that we've been dogs the whole time.

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March 17, 2015

We're only projections, man, like, chill.

Cinnamen: DC Double Feature!
March 13, 2015

What a dark, terrible, and unforgiving world we live in.

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