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#137 - Let's Get Hella Real, with Stephen Christy
Hideous Energy
June 26, 2013
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Recorded on June 25th, 2013.
David Hopkins, Austin Wilson, and special guest Stephen Christy (EIC of Archaia)
Running Time: 2:06:58

• Intro - Check out comiccodes.com as well as our sponsors DCBS, and our comic now available on Comixology (as well as Gumroad) Six Barrel Shotgun!
• Topic Thunder - BOOM! Studios acquires/merges with Archaia. What does this actually mean? We have Stephen Christy explain to our dum-dum heads.
Read 'Em and Weep - We discuss Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #24 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez, and Lazarus #1 by Greg Rucka & Michael Lark.