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RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Fan Off's cult favorite look at all of the weekly happenings in the world of professional wrestling and the self proclaimed leader in quality wrestling talk shows, featuring all around knowledgeable wrestling chat from the illustrious Fatal Four; William R. Washington, Matt Galloway, Paul Griffin, and Felipe Diaz-Vera.

Episode 588 - Return of the Skatz
December 9, 2016

Paul Griffin attends a SmackDown/205 Live taping. He doesn't think that should be a thing anymore.

Episode 587 - No Scrubs
December 1, 2016

Paul has an experience at Alberto Del Rio's restaurant in San Antonio

Episode 586 - Thanks For Giving
November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! We got a match of the year candidate from NXT Toronto and the highly controversial Goldberg vs. Lesnar match this week.

Episode 585 - Fantasy Warfare
November 17, 2016

Raw and SmackDown collide and The Undertaker returns to SmackDown!

Into The Octagon - UFC 205 Preview
November 11, 2016

Paul, Robbie, and Max take a look at this weekend's UFC 205 PPV

Episode 584 - Definition of a Podcast
November 11, 2016

America is great again and WWE continues to not know what "main event" means.

Episode 583 - Hell in a Cell 2016
November 3, 2016

WWE makes history with the first women's main event at Hell in a Cell. Were we impressed?

Episode 582 - The Rules of Hungry Hungry Hippos
October 27, 2016

Two-Man Mania continues with the return of Maxwell Baumbach and Eric Brady! Plus, that women's Hell in a Cell segment

Episode 581 - The Paul and Will Show
October 20, 2016

Goldberg is back! Ellsworth gets a title shot! TNA is back to misery!

Into The Octagon - UFC 5 Throwback
October 19, 2016

Paul, Maxwell, and Robbie take a look back at UFC 5: The Return of the Beast! They also discuss The Super (boring) Fight between Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie!

Episode 580 - Master-baiting Bray Wyatt
October 13, 2016

It's the Will and Eric show! Starring Will and Eric!

Episode 579 - Goldberg?
October 6, 2016

Billy Corgan might be rebooting TNA, Goldberg vs. Brock rumors, and the debut of Total Bella's.

Into The Octagon - UFC 204 Preview
October 5, 2016

Maxwell, Robbie, and Paul preview this weekend's UFC 204 event featuring Michael Bisping defending the Middleweight Championship against Dan Henderson

Into The Octagon - UFC 4 Throwback
September 30, 2016

Maxwell, Robbie, and Paul return with a look back at UFC 4 Revenge of the Warriors featuring epic dick punches and the UFC debut of Dan "Daniel" Severn

Episode 578 - TNA's Last Stand
September 29, 2016

Is this it for TNA? Plus, is the Cruiserweight Division already a disaster?

Episode 577 - Herky Ferky
September 22, 2016

Matt Galloway returns for one night only and has Mick Foley set in his crosshairs.

Episode 576 - Maxwell's Porch Gets Dumped On
September 15, 2016

How well did the first single brand PPV of the new era deliver? We talk Backlash.

Into The Octagon - UFC 203 Preview
September 9, 2016

Are we ready for CM Punk's debut?

Episode 575 - Backlash Preview
September 7, 2016

The first brand exclusive PPV is this Sunday. Are they ready?

Episode 574 - Win Owens, Win!
September 1, 2016

A new WWE Universal Champion is crowned! Plus, Will is highly disappointed in the return of The Headbangers.

Epsidoe 573 - Six Hour SummerSlam
August 25, 2016

The Fatal Four are back in full to talk NXT TakerOver, SummerSlam, The Universal Championship, and Talking Smack!

Into The Octagon - UFC 202 Recap
August 25, 2016

Diaz vs. McGregor 2

Into The Octagon - UFC 202 Preview
August 19, 2016

Maxwell, Robbie, and special guest Russo break down the strange card that is UFC 202. How will water bottles affect this one?

Episode 572 - Demon King
August 18, 2016

Have we seen the last of Del Rio and Paige? Plus, a preview of SummerSlam!

Episode 571 - McGregor Works The Marks
August 11, 2016

WWE loses a few talents and Will is easily distracted.

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