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RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Fan Off's cult favorite look at all of the weekly happenings in the world of professional wrestling and the self proclaimed leader in quality wrestling talk shows, featuring all around knowledgeable wrestling chat from the illustrious Fatal Four; William R. Washington, Matt Galloway, Paul Griffin, and Felipe Diaz-Vera.

Episode 277
November 28, 2010

Miz is the new WWE Champion and "Buffalo Wings"

Episode 276
November 21, 2010

Is Michael Cole the most annoying character in WWE?

Episode 275
November 14, 2010

TNA Turning Point and Thunder's Arena Wrestling.

Episode 274
November 6, 2010

Is SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 the worst in the entire series or does comedic value make this one soar?

Episode 273
October 31, 2010

An outage cuts this week's RBR short. Luckily, that doesn't stop Frank from reviewing Knucklehead!

Episode 272
October 23, 2010

Have you stood up for WWE today?

Episode 271
October 17, 2010

THEY have been revealed and they've got The Fatal Four buzzing.

Episode 270
October 10, 2010

10... 10... 10!

Episode 269
October 3, 2010

SmackDown makes its debut on SyFy. Was the move to cable a great change or will Green Day be its legacy?

Episode 268
September 26, 2010

The Fatal Four host their second ever All Mailbag edition of RBR!

Episode 267
September 19, 2010

Will Night of Champions be one of the biggest events of the year or another throwaway WWE PPV?

Episode 266
September 12, 2010

The Fatal Four are back in full to review TNA's most recent head scratcher, No Surrender.

Episode 265
September 5, 2010

NXT Season 2's finale is the "genesis" of something awful.

Episode 264
August 29, 2010

Is Randy Orton's character too strong? Will and Paul have differing opinions.

Episode 263
August 22, 2010

After an episode goes missing, The Fatal Four return to discuss SummerSlam and its fallout.

Episode 261
August 7, 2010

Hardcore Justice is in some trouble. Plus, TNA suspends Samoa Joe.

Episode 260
July 31, 2010

BasilMarceaux.com, The Simpsons, swimming, ice cream, Power Rangers, and some wrestling somewhere in there.

Episode 259
July 25, 2010

At the expense of Rey Mysterio, Kane is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Extended edition of RBR.

Episode 258
July 18, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, try it in TNA? Extended edition of RBR.

Episode 257
July 10, 2010

How awesome is Cody Rhodes entrance? Plus, more TNA pre-Pay-Per-View shenanigans.

Episode 256
July 3, 2010

TNA is heading to Hammerstein ballroon and NXT is back to its old tricks.

Episode 255
June 27, 2010

The NXT-7 angle has officially jumped the shark.

Episode 254
June 20, 2010

RBR celebrates five years with our biggest episode ever! TNA Slammiversary and WWE Fatal 4 Way.

Episode 253 (Tyler Black)
June 12, 2010

Daniel Bryan released from WWE and Dixie has a big surprise. Plus, ROH World Champion Tyler Black joins us.

Episode 252
June 5, 2010

Mr. Anderson... Has he found his spark or is it the same old schtick?

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