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RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk
Fan Off's cult favorite look at all of the weekly happenings in the world of professional wrestling and the self proclaimed leader in quality wrestling talk shows, featuring all around knowledgeable wrestling chat from the illustrious Fatal Four; William R. Washington, Matt Galloway, Paul Griffin, and Felipe Diaz-Vera.

Episode 429 - Lei'D Tapa
October 26, 2013

Bound for Glory behind us, we look ahead to Hell in a Cell!

Episode 428 - Hype For Glory
October 20, 2013

A suspension is lifted!

Episode 427 - BEEG
October 12, 2013

Did Battleground's ending ruin the entire show?

Episode 426 - Road For Rhodes
October 6, 2013

Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust is a hot button issue this week.

Episode 425 - Poetic Justice
September 30, 2013

The Fatal Four reunite for a special Sunday Night edition of RBR!

Episode 424 - TNA Woes
September 22, 2013

What is left for TNA? Dixie Carter as a heel. That's what!

Episode 423 - Go Away Del Rio
September 14, 2013

What are we getting out of Alberto Del Rio? Paul doesn't think much.

Episode 422 - Titus
September 8, 2013

Maxwell sees potential in the straight half of the Prime Time Players. Matt does not.

Episode 421 - Twerk
August 31, 2013

I'm gonna stomp his ankle, I'm gonna stomp his thigh, I'm gonna stomp his shoulder, I'm gonna stomp this guy

Episode 420 - SummerSlam 2013
August 25, 2013

SummerSlam 2013 may be the best show WWE put on in 2013. Plus, how hard is it to be Triple H?

Episode 419 - Felipe Diaz-Vera
August 18, 2013

RBR says goodbye to its resident Cuban-Chilean

Episode 418 - The Year Is 2003
August 10, 2013

This week on RBR, The Fatal Four travel back to the year 2003. Has the industry gotten worse over the last decade or has it actually improved?

Episode 417 - Nobody Cares About Your Happiness
August 4, 2013

Tito Ortiz returns to Impact and Total Divas makes its television debut

Episode 416 - #AxeDixie
July 28, 2013

Matt and Will have a theory about who's really running the show in WWE.

Episode 415 - Luke "Doc" Gallows
July 20, 2013

Just after his release from TNA, DOC joins Matt Galloway for the return of Bustapiece Theater!

Episode 414 - Grown Ups
July 13, 2013

On the eve of Money in the Bank, who have The Fatal Four picked to win the briefcases?

Episode 413 - Butts and Bad Jokes
July 6, 2013

TNA released a number of talent this week, but there's one in particular Paul will miss most.

Episode 412 - Happy Birthday
June 29, 2013

This week, we uncover how The Uso's were born.

Episode 411 - Payback
June 23, 2013

Can WWE book a good women's match without sexual overtones?

Episode 410 - Stone Cold
June 15, 2013

Raw is good, but E3 is still fresh on our brains.

Episode 409 - Sing It, Felipe
June 8, 2013

TNA takes center stage with Slammiversary and Daniel Bryan may be getting a push

Episode 408 - Pander Bears
June 1, 2013

'Mania is running wild this week on RBR as we speculate on the future of CHIKARA.

Episode 407 - Kansas City
May 26, 2013

The Fatal Four return in full and recap this past week's adventures in Kansas City for Monday Night Raw!

Episode 406 - Mailbag
May 19, 2013

Paul and Will host a special Sunday all mailbag edition of RBR!

Episode 405 - Feed Me Brains
May 11, 2013

The Fatal Four are back together and Jay Brisco offends the internet

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