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Tom Campbell's Better World
One man's mission to make the world a better place using bad timing, words of wisdom and in some extreme cases, song. Join the Union Jackass, Tom Campbell, as he explores the planet we live in and the threats it faces with a little help from his friends (please note, Tom Campbell's Better World is written by and starring NOBODY ELSE, for he is a lone soldier!)

#06: Bashin' The Bishop!
February 22, 2008

Garry Kasparov's Chess career takes an unexpected turn, and houses become the subject of piracy!

#05: Can You Handle It?
December 3, 2007

#04: ProverbCon/Talk Your Face Off
November 19, 2007

#03: It Looks Like You're Trying To Write An Episode Name
November 5, 2007

The Microsoft Paperclip creates chaos through history, and the 300 move to a bedsit in Torquay for comedic hi-jinx.

#02: Mozart Lust For Glory
October 22, 2007

Lost footage of Mozart paints a new picture of the famous composer, plus unemployed Daleks, like Attenborough-phobia cases, are rife in South London.

#01: Nostradamus-Dramus
October 8, 2007

Nostradamus struggles to get to grips in the modern, media driven world, whilst a professional wrestling champion gets smart and a cop show gets a budget slash!